Not Working by Lisa Owens

Not Working by Lisa Owens
Not Working is absolutely hilarious. I read it over Christmas and New Year when I was feeling slightly down in the dumps and it was just the pick me up I needed.
Claire is in a dead end marketing job where she feel under valued and unable to move forward in her role. She drinks too much, makes plenty of mistakes and eats all the wrong foods. She lives with long term partner Luke who is the model boyfriend and is a doctor.
Claire decides, one day, enough is enough and quits her job to weigh up her options. Luke thinks this will be for a few weeks whilst she’s applying for jobs, left right and centre however Claire doesn’t know what she wants to do and spends months trying to find her calling, (which basically means she’s applies for one job a day and spend the rest watching tv and looking at monkey videos on YouTube). She even goes back to her old job as a temp for a short time.
Things aren’t so good with her family either – she’s recently lost her grandad and then one innocent conversation takes a dark turn when her mum assumes Claire is confirming she has been moletsed by her granddad.
At times Claire’s whingeing does get slightly annoying but for the majority of the novel she is hilarious. Think a sister to Bridget Jones’s and you will definitely need have Claire all worked out.

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