The Power by Naomi Alderman

The Power by Naomi Alderman

As 2018 is the year of the woman I have been hunting out the best in women’s fiction and non fiction and have a huge list of books I want to read. The Power by Naomi Alderman was top of my list. I was slightly apprehensive as it is a dystopian novel which I never seem to get on with.

The book follows four different threads – Roxy who witnesses her mum being murdered by a gang of men and she seeks revenge. Tunde, who is the only male main character, is a journalist who goes in search of the women who are discovering they have the power to take over the world. The there’s Allie who becomes the leader of the women’s ascent to be the more dominant sex. And finally Margot who is a polictial figure in the US and has two teenage daughters who are succumbing to the power.

The power all the women possess come from their skien which women sporadically. It causes them to kill men in their quest for power and even causes terrorist attacks.

It’s an incredible and shocking novel. It turns some feminist viewpoints on it head and demonstrates that for any sex to have total control isn’t for the best. Equality is what is needed. I’ve never read a novel like it – it felt empowering yet destructive at the same time. It’s mostly different a thought provoking novel and is completely apt for the world we are living in.


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