Not a Sound by Heather Gudenkauf

Not a Sound by Heather Gudenkauf

I would thoroughly recommend Not a Sound by Heather Gudenkauf and here’s why…

Amelia Winn has it all a wonderfully rewarding job as a nurse, a loving husband and a step daughter who she adores. All that is taken away from her during a freak car accident whilst helping a patient, Amelia is injured and loses her hearing as a result.

Just as she’s trying to get used to her new life on her own – her marriage has broken down and due to her hearing loss she cannot work as a nurse – her world is thrown into chaos once again when she finds a dead body in the river during a walk. But worst of all the body is of a former colleague, Gwen.

Amelia contacts her best friend, Jake, a police officer, who deals with the case however she has own ideas and starts to gather clues from the case. Amelia juggles this whilst trying to hold down a new part time job working for Dr Huntely’s cancer treatment centre. Dr Huntley is a well respected member of the healthcare community – always so kind to his patients, so Amelia feels honoured to be asked to work with filing patient records.

As Amelia tries to gather more clues as to who has murdered Gwen, she finds herself being followed and even suffers a break in.

It comes to a head when Amelia realises the respected Dr Huntley is actually treating people for cancer when they don’t even have it or providing the wrong treatment for them – all to make thousands of pounds. Once he knows that Amelia has worked this out, he visits her in the middle of the night and tries to kill her. He thinks he has the advantage as she cannot hear but she’s out smarts him during their battle in the forest. The police eventually catch him during the fight and Amelia eventually ends up with hunky cop Jake.

It’s most definitely a page turner and must have been a challenge to write the heroine as deaf. It will keep you up for several hours after you should have gone to bed!


Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie

Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie


Murder on the Orient Express is one of those novels which is just such a classic that everyone knows as soon as you say it. I consider myself a bookworm however had never read it.
I was so keen to watch Kenneth Branagh’s screen version however everyone I knew had already seen it at the cinema. So I only got round to watching a couple of weeks ago.
Infact  I had the book given to me as a Christmas present but read it after I watched the film. I’m not normally a fan of doing this and prefer to read the book then watch a screen adaptation to see the bits the director has twisted or omitted. However in this case, because it’s such a visual novel I was glad I’d seen it on screen beforehand. And Kenneth Branagh’s version was very similar to the book.
It’s the classic who dunnit novel and everyone pretty much knows the plot – there’s a murder on a train – everyone is a suspect. I do however think the ending is brilliant and it’s not quite how you thought it would all turn out.
I do have to say, as with And Then There Were None, I do prefer the screen version and I think Agatha Christie’s style of writing lends its led spectacularly to the screen.