Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie

Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie


Murder on the Orient Express is one of those novels which is just such a classic that everyone knows as soon as you say it. I consider myself a bookworm however had never read it.
I was so keen to watch Kenneth Branagh’s screen version however everyone I knew had already seen it at the cinema. So I only got round to watching a couple of weeks ago.
Infact  I had the book given to me as a Christmas present but read it after I watched the film. I’m not normally a fan of doing this and prefer to read the book then watch a screen adaptation to see the bits the director has twisted or omitted. However in this case, because it’s such a visual novel I was glad I’d seen it on screen beforehand. And Kenneth Branagh’s version was very similar to the book.
It’s the classic who dunnit novel and everyone pretty much knows the plot – there’s a murder on a train – everyone is a suspect. I do however think the ending is brilliant and it’s not quite how you thought it would all turn out.
I do have to say, as with And Then There Were None, I do prefer the screen version and I think Agatha Christie’s style of writing lends its led spectacularly to the screen.

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