Conversations with Friends by Sally Rooney

Coversations with Friends by Sally Rooney
Conversations with Friends has been on my reading list for a good few months. I’ve been slowly working my way through my list and stored it on my phone. However I’ve accidentally deleted it somewhere along the way, much to my horror, so I am desperately trying to remember what was on there.
Conversations with Friends is like reading your friend’s diary. It’s an intimate portrayal of a fragile friendship which is full of love but the dynamics can change so easily.
Frances is a self conscious twenty one year old who is at university in Dublin and spends her life writing poetry. Her friend and former lover Bobbi is the exact opposite of Frances, self assured and self obsessed. When they meet married couple Nick and Melissa one evening their friendship and lives face the ultimate test. Frances and Nick embark on an affair, neither of them voicing them true feelings or fighting for each other. Nick is quite a wet character who I just wanted to shake. He’s been surrounded by strong women and doesn’t know what to do when he encounters Frances, who needs some guidance along the way. Previously he’s relied on women to give him the guidance.
Nick is an actor and knows that his wife has embarked on numerous affairs. Initially I thought he was with Frances to try and get one up on his wife but as the affair continues it becomes clear that deep down Nick does have feelings for Frances which tests the marriage and Frances and Bobbi’s friendship.
This novel is so raw and at times this feels like your are intruding into the character’s lives. I loved this book and it’s rare to find an author that does create such real characters.

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