Less by Andrew Sean Greer

Less by Andrew Sean Greer

There has been so much buzz around Andrew Sean Greer’s Less so I was keen to see what all the fuss was about.

Arthur Less is about to turn fifty and is essentially having a mid life crisis. He’s a novelist who has written one good book and the love of his life is about to marry someone else.

Arthur feels enough is enough and decides to embark on a round the world tour by accepting invitations to literary events. His travels take him to Mexico, Germany and India to name a few.

The chapters are broken down by countries and each chapter could be read independently from the rest.

The novel offers antic-dotes for the reader to understand how Arthur has ended up how he is.

Arthur is reeling from his ex-boyfriend’s impending marriage and as a result has lost confidence in himself and considers himself a failure. He has a wide network of friends, some of whom are more supportive and encouraging than others.

Although there are some funny one liners, the novel is essentially about mental health and how learning from mistakes can make you a richer and happier person.

The 250 page book took me three weeks to read and the first half was an absolute struggle. I felt I perhaps needed to be a little older to understand Arthur’s woes and as a result couldn’t to relate to him. It has won lots of awards and has received high praise so don’t let my review out you off!